The transfer portal is the new free agency.

Alabama QB Jalen Hurts entered the portal Wednesday to explore other potential destinations. Entering the portal allows him to have contact with other programs about a potential transfer. That doesn’t mean he will transfer, but the likelihood seems pretty high.

On Thursday, ESPN’s Alex Scarborough listed seven potential destinations for Hurts, including one from the SEC:

  • Florida State
  • Maryland
  • Miami
  • Oklahoma
  • Tennessee
  • TCU
  • UCLA

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Of those seven, Oklahoma would make the most sense. Think about it — assuming Kyler Murray goes to the NFL or MLB (doesn’t return to school), Hurts would have the perfect situation to step in and be the guy for his one year. The Sooners have the best play caller in the nation in Lincoln Riley, and he would certainly call plays to Hurts’ strength.

The Sooners will once again be a threat in the College Football Playoff picture, and Hurts could be a massive part of that. Riley and OU have a lot to sell Hurts: back-to-back Heismans, furthered development at the position, talented players around him and national championship aspirations. It would make complete sense.

If you’ll remember prior to the Alabama-Oklahoma CFP semifinal, Riley praised Hurts publicly to the media. Riley was asked about Alabama’s “X-factor,” and he mentioned Hurts.

“Yeah, tough to narrow it down to one when you start to study Alabama and all they do well,” Riley said. “The thing I’ve seen from afar, and I don’t want to act like an I’m expert on their program, I’m not in those walls day-to-day, but you see the unselfishness in that program. The most obvious notable examples is Jalen Hurts because we need more guys like him. So really impressed with how their whole program managed great players at different positions. … A great challenge, but could not be more impressed with Jalen Hurts, how he handled that just from afar. Big fan of that kid and how that entire situation was managed.

Don’t think for a second that Riley wasn’t putting a bug in Hurts’ ear.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see where Hurts winds up.