Lane Kiffin believes Bryce Young missed out on a big opportunity this offseason. In a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, the Ole Miss head coach shared his thoughts that the Alabama quarterback could have financially benefitted from entering the NCAA transfer portal.

“Why did Bryce Young not go into the portal?” Kiffin said to SI’s Ross Dellenger. “If you are advising Bryce Young, why do you not go into the portal and walk into Nick Saban’s office and say, ‘Hey, I want to be here, but I’ve got to protect myself so I’m going to go into the portal. And I want to come back as long as it’s matched with what I get out there.’ The kid would make 10 times what he would have made. How’s that not going to happen all the time? It should. It will.”

Young would have needed to enter this name into the transfer portal before May 1 to have NCAA eligibility without a waiver for the 2022 college football season. Throughout the offseason, transfer players have landed NIL deals after finding a new school.

Last year, Saban caused a stir when he revealed Young had “almost 7-figures” worth of NIL deals lined up ahead of the 2021 season. The companies compensating Young are presumably glad that the Alabama quarterback did not explore a potential transfer and create a bidding war.