Alabama coach Nick Saban addressed the myriad of changes facing college football on Wednesday during his annual visit to SEC Media Days in Hoover, Alabama.

“I almost feel that anything I say will probably be wrong because there’s no precedent for the consequences that some of the things we’re creating, whether they’re good opportunities, even if they’re good opportunities,” Saban said. “There’s no precedent for the consequences that some of these things are going to create, whether they’re good or bad. But a year from now, whatever comments we make, probably will be a lot more effective than the ones we make now. Because we don’t have precedent and we don’t have experience for how this is going to affect the future of college football and college football players.”

Saban made news on Tuesday when he told the Texas High School Coaches Association that quarterback Bryce Young is approaching seven figures in name, image and likeness deals.

“Our QB has already approached ungodly numbers, and he hasn’t even played yet. If I told you what it is … it’s almost 7-figures,” Saban said.

In Hoover, Saban continued, “So we want to focus on what we need to do to adapt on a day-to-day basis, and try to help our players manage through these opportunities and circumstances the best we can.”