College football recruiting never stops, even if guys are already in your own program. Just ask Nick Saban.

Eyabi Anoma, a five-star Alabama freshman OLB, is now out of the transfer portal and staying at Alabama. Nick Saban announced the news Wednesday on ESPN. Saban explained the two “had a conversation,” and he’s now out of the transfer portal.

That’s huge news for the Tide, as Anoma was the No. 4 overall prospect in the class of 2018. He figures to be a big contributor in the coming years.

It was reported Tuesday that Anoma was exploring a transfer, but Saban appears to have settled the discussion.

Anoma is one of the few players to enter the portal and explore a transfer only to return to his original school. Once most players enter the transfer portal, they end up following through with an actual transfer.

Here’s video from Saban’s appearance on ESPN talking about Anoma, via Rivals’ Kyle Henderson: