By now you likely know all about Raekwon Davis being shot over the weekend. After visiting a local bar Saturday night in order to watch the Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor fight, Davis was struck in the right leg with a bullet. The sophomore lineman was projected as a starter for Alabama heading into the season opener against Florida State but his status in the game has yet to be determined.

While that event is newsworthy in itself, the fact that Davis was uncooperative with authorities after the shooting left many wondering why that was the case. The mystery may have been solved.

During his Monday press conference, Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban stated the only thing Davis was guilty of was being out late. However, according to Bar 17 owner Dionne Murrell, that may not be entirely accurate.

In an interview with Stoney Sharp of ABC 33/40, Murrell stated she has heard Davis shot himself while he was across the street from her establishment, which lead police to blame the bar for the incident.

“It didn’t happen here,” Murrell said. “I feel like if it happened here, there should have been a trail of blood somewhere.”

While she did not witness the shooting, she was inside closing up her bar, she’s been told Davis shot himself in the leg.

“That’s the rumor going around, he shot himself,” Murrell said. “He was shooting in the air and he actually shot himself.”

If that is indeed what happened, how ironic that both Davis and Plaxico Burress, most-known for killing his promising NFL career by shooting himself in the leg at a bar, were both recruited and played for Saban in college.