The University of Central Florida has officially stretched its attempted troll job into the 2018 season.

After an offseason that included banners and chanting “We Want Bama” at a Disney World parade, the Knights still can’t let it go.

Their latest attempt comes from an Orlando lawyer who flew a banner over Camping World Stadium, the site of the Alabama-Louisville game Saturday night. He actually followed through on a promise he made last week claiming he had purchased such a banner.

He also explained his reasoning to Nadeen Yanes of

“It’s about pushing the brand farther along. So as long as we are in people’s mouth’s, they are talking about UCF, then we are in the picture and that means more than a trophy could ever be.”

This won’t please many Crimson Tide fans tailgating outside who will be rooting on their team Saturday in one of the biggest games of the weekend.

UCF already beat Connecticut 56-17 in their first game of the season Thursday.

Watch the trolling commence below courtesy of, which posted the video on YouTube: