By the looks of the buyout figures for new Arkansas coach Chad Morris, the former SMU coach will have a couple years to build the program.

Especially considering that Arkansas recently agreed to an $11.8 million buyout with former coach Bret Bielema. Still, if Arkansas sours on Morris and wants to get rid of him soon after next season, it will cost the Razorbacks $14.7 million, and then $12.25 million after a second season, according to numbers reported by Kurt Voigt of the Associated Press.

If Morris leaves Arkansas before the end of the contract, he would owe $3 million starting next season, before it gradually drops to $1.5 million.

For perspective, Dan Mullen’s buyout at Florida is $12 million.

Morris’ contract is a six-year deal, worth $3.5 million annually.

Those numbers were released after new AD Hunter Yurachek said schools need to get a handle on coaches contracts and that the protection given in buyouts is sometimes ludicrous. He added that Texas A&M made a mistake by making Kevin Sumlin’s contract fully guaranteed.