Auburn assistant coach Travis Williams is giving out free tours for any Tiger fans that want one while they practice their social distancing following the outbreak of the coronavirus.

Not even our favorite SEC programs have been spared from the coronavirus as the SEC, and later the NCAA, have halted all on-campus and off-campus recruiting for the time being following the outbreak.

That’s forced programs to get creative when it comes to recruiting, such as Texas A&M’s online Madden tournaments between coaches and recruits, with Auburn finding a great way to show off all the program has to offer to prospective student-athletes with virtual tours being given by ace recruiter, Travis Williams.

So far, Auburn has shared two videos on the team’s official football account.

The first features Auburn’s players’ lounge, the program’s weight room and the indoor practice facility.

The second video showcases the program’s residence hall, the gaming room and the actual living suites for the football program.

Based on those videos, how much would you love attending Auburn as a college athlete?