Auburn lost a heartbreaker to Virginia 63-62 in the Final Four.

It ended the Tigers 12-game winning streak and cost them a shot at playing for the national championship.

Late in the game with the Tigers winning 62-60 with just a few seconds remaining, Virginia’s Kyle Guy threw up a desperation three pointer in an attempt to win the game, and Auburn was called for the foul. Foul or not, it was a tough call at that point and in that situation of the game. It certainly looked like a foul though.

Following the game, Bruce Pearl was asked about it, via ASAP Sports. It’s worth noting he wouldn’t discuss the no-call on the double-dribble earlier in the possession.

Q. Bruce, despite what you said, I have to ask you, what was your view of the last call, and what did you tell Samir in the locker room afterward?
BRUCE PEARL: We didn’t focus on that. We focused on how we were going to handle the defeat at Auburn, with class and dignity. There are lots of calls during the game, and you’re going to get some, and some you’re not going to get.

My advice, as an administrator of the game, is if that’s a foul, call it. Call it at the beginning of the game, call it in the middle of the game, call it at the end of the game. Don’t call it any more or less at any other time during the game. That was the call.

But it won’t — it can’t define — don’t let it define the game because then you’re taking away from Ty Jerome or you’re taking away from Anfernee McLemore with 12 rebounds, or Bryce Brown almost leading Auburn back to an incredible come-from-behind victory. I’d love that to be the story.