Dan Dakich will no longer be part of ESPN’s college basketball coverage.

The former Indiana player and Bowling Green head coach shared the news while announcing his new show for Clay Travis’ OutKick media platform.

“I’m not going to do games at ESPN and that was as much my choice as their choice,” Dakich said while appearing on OutKick360, per the Indianapolis Star. “I got to do a ton of stuff because of the money and that’s fine, but there’s a whole world out there that I want to have influence in.”

Dakich vented about his standing with the Worldwide Leader, according to The Star’s Dana Hunsinger Benbow. Dakich said that his bosses told him “you are the best guy we have at ESPN, period,” but his assignments indicated otherwise.

“And I am like ‘OK, then why am I not doing North Carolina-Duke?’ or ‘Why am I getting bumped by (Dick) Vitale and (Jay) Bilas to do the Indiana-Purdue game? It’s a big game,’ ” Dakich said. “It’s not a meritocracy and I like meritocracy.”

Dakich, according to the report, also indicated he’ll take advantage of OutKick’s mix of sports and politics.

“I don’t mind talking politics,” Dakich said. “I don’t mind talking about things that maybe ESPN didn’t necessarily want me talking about.”

Dakich has made headlines for controversial comments made on his radio show and social media in recent years.