Florida State has officially announced the hiring of former Memphis head coach Mike Norvell. On social media, the news was widely met with jokes about Bob Stoops.

The head coach and general manager of the XFL’s Dallas Renegades was established as FSU’s top target after the firing of Willie Taggart. ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit poured cold water on the rumor early in the process and Steve Spurrier later followed with a similar tidbit, but Seminoles fans on Twitter and message boards refused to believe it wasn’t going to be Stoops. When Stoops continued to show up at XFL events and Renegades events, the rumors got further and further detached from reality, going as far as speculating Stoops held a “secret press conference” in Tallahassee.

Hopefully, other college football fanbases will be careful about latching onto self-proclaimed Twitter insiders.