There’s a chance Chris Steele never returns to Gainesville as the California native is back home in Southern Cal and has already entered his name into the NCAA transfer portal.

Losing the highest-rated prospect of the program’s 2019 signing class would be massive for multiple reasons, going beyond the team’s current depth chart and likelihood that Steele could play a huge role for the team next season before sliding into a starting position in his second season on campus, but the perception of Dan Mullen’s program isn’t great considering the report regarding Steele’s concerns with rooming with Jalen Jones.

Mullen apparently realizes that and recently took a step to fix that issue by flying to California to meet with the defensive back and his family before they come to a final decision, according to ESPN.

Mullen and his wife, Megan, travelled to Steele’s home Wednesday, according to a source, and apologized to Steele, making an effort to have him rejoin the team. Steele returning to the Gators is not out of the question, as a source told that the Steele family thinks very highly of Mullen, but it will be difficult as Steele was traumatized by being associated with the police report.

During his brief time in Gainesville, it has been speculated that Steele became homesick before ever being associated with the sexual battery claims against his former roommate Jones and being denied a room reassignment at Florida. Taking that all into consideration, not to mention his father’s recent comments on the situation, it seems unlikely Steele will return to Gainesville but at least Mullen is making the effort to lay the foundation for a potential return.