Chamberlain Smith, the Georgia intern and photographer in the athletics department, who was injured on a sideline hit when Georgia RB Brian Herrien was tackled out of bounds at Auburn, is recovering at an Alabama hospital.

CBS Sports’ Jamie Erdahl reported that Smith, who was “unconscious on the sideline will be released from the hospital later this evening. A UGA grad and photographer intern for the athletic department.”

Meanwhile, Radi Nabulsi of, reported, “I am told Chamberlain Smith, the photographer who was injured, is responsive, can move all of her extremities and is being checked for an orbital fracture and concussion protocol. Continued prayers and well wishes go out to her. It’s a dangerous job. Godspeed.”

Smith was awake and responsive when she left the field with a bruise on her eye. She left the field on a stretcher. She was taken to East Alabama Medical Center.

Here is an AP photo of the hit shared by Alison Mastrangelo of WSB-TV.