Greg McElroy believes if Georgia loses to Alabama in the SEC Championship, the Bulldogs might miss the College Football Playoff.

Barring any crazy upsets, Georgia is going to finish the regular season undefeated. The Bulldogs are going to head to Atlanta after that and fight Alabama for the SEC title.

McElroy was asked if UGA is still a Playoff team even with a loss to Alabama.

“I think they’d be out more than likely. If you have an undefeated Michigan and/or Ohio State,” said McElroy. “You have an undefeated Pac-12, or one loss Pac-12 champion. You have an undefeated ACC champion, a one loss Big 12 champion, and you have a one-loss SEC champion.”

McElroy pointed to how the committee values conference championship wins in its criteria. He did make sure to mention that Georgia is definitely one of the top four teams in the country.

However, he thinks that doesn’t guarantee a spot for them with

“The committee has long said that one of the things they value is conference championships won. Other teams with comparable resumes, having a championship banner that they’ve hung, that could be the differentiator,” said McElroy. “Is Georgia one of the four best teams? I don’t know a soul that would say no, but it doesn’t mean they’re gonna get in.”

McElroy called Alabama and Texas both winning out the “worst nightmare” for the Playoff committee. The Dawgs will have a chance to prevent that from happening.