Shut it down.

The award for “best XFL name” goes to Jared Lorenzen, and frankly, there might not be a close second. “He Ate Me” jerseys would fly off the shelves.

The former Kentucky quarterback, who is also known as “The Hefty Lefty,” offered up his new nickname and a potential tease that he’d be interested in joining Vince McMahon’s new football league.

Lorenzen, who last played organized football for the Northern Kentucky River Monsters in the Continental Indoor Football League in 2014, would certainly sell some tickets for McMahon.

He might not be as coveted or as mobile as Johnny Manziel, but Lorenzen would certainly have an audience for himself in McMahon’s league.

The league is reportedly set to launch in 2020. The 36-year-old Lorenzen might not have youth on his side considering he’ll have been 12 years removed from his last days on an NFL practice squad, but who wouldn’t want to see the Hefty Lefty sling it a few more times?

My bad. I meant “He Ate Me.”