Brian Kelly is the new head coach at LSU, and he just can’t seem to stop dancing since taking over for the Tigers.

It all started in early December after Kelly took the job in Baton Rouge. QB prospect Walker Howard shared a video of an awkward dance video featuring Kelly during a recruiting visit.

Kelly’s dance moves made a reappearance this week during another recruiting trip. This time, the moves prompted a trolling tweet from Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin.

Now, Kelly is learning “The Griddy,” and it is hilarious – or horrific – depending on your point of view. Lah Griddy shared the video of Kelly learning the dance made popular by Justin Jefferson, and it is certainly… something.

Kelly’s moves are good for a laugh, but all that really matters for LSU is that all the dancing turns into wins during the fall. As things currently stand, Kelly and the Tigers have the No. 18 recruiting class in the country with National Signing Day approaching on Wednesday.