LSU may have been perceived by many as a joke entering the Florida game but by the time the game clock hit double zeroes in Gainesville, the only one laughing at the end was the Tigers.

The Tigers went on the road and upset the Gators 37-34 in a thriller down in Gainesville.

Make no mistake, this result wasn’t a fluke, as LSU played held the lead at halftime of the game and made the key plays late in the game to secure the win.

One key play in the game came after Florida stopped LSU on third and long well short of the first down marker but a mistake by the Gators kept the drive alive.

The unfortunate part of the mistake was the fact that it was completely avoidable.

If you missed it, Florida defensive back Marco Wilson picked up an LSU cleat and launched it after the third-down stop.

The refs flagged Wilson for that cleat toss, which game LSU a first down. The Tigers hit the go-ahead field goal moments later and eventually won the game 37-34.

That field goal, by the way, was made by Cade York and was a 57-yarder.

Following LSU’s upset win, the team’s official Twitter account masterfully trolled Florida with the following post — featuring York’s shoe: