Former LSU standout safety Jamal Adams has been very vocal about his desire to be one of the first picks taken in the 2017 NFL Draft. After yet another impressive pre-draft showing, this time during LSU’s Pro Day event, Adams appears to have cemented himself as one of the elite prospects in the draft. However, with the draft quickly approaching, not everyone is buying into the Adams hype.

In a recent article, an anonymous NFC executive expressed his doubts about Adams coming into the NFL and being an elite player to NFL Media draft analyst Lance Zierlein.

“I don’t think Jamal Adams is going to go as early as I see people mocking him. He’s a good player but I don’t think he’s a game changer. If you are going to be a safety who goes inside the top five, you better make a ton of plays. Look where Landon Collins went. Adams isn’t better than Collins.”

Former Alabama standout safety Landon Collins was drafted by the New York Giants at the top of the second round and has developed into one of the game’s best at the position. Comparing a rising draft prospect to one of the best defenders in the NFL seems a bit odd, especially considering Adams is likely to be a Top 10 selection after only three seasons at LSU. Given time to develop, there’s a chance Adams could prove to be the equal, if not better than, Collins at the next level.

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