The Husch Blackwell report, commissioned by LSU, has had ramifications all across college sports.

Les Miles and Jeff Long lost their jobs at Kansas and F. King Alexander recently resigned as Oregon State’s president. Also, as part of the fallout from the report, a woman recently called out current LSU coach Ed Orgeron for lying about what he knew about a case involving Derrius Guice.

During a radio appearance on Monday morning, SEC Network host Paul Finebaum weighed in on the allegations and what this means for LSU and Coach O (via 247Sports):

“Until now, Coach O had been a footnote. His name came up very early on, and then it faded away,” Finebaum said Monday during his weekly appearance on WJOX-FM. “In the last couple of weeks, it’s been Les Miles all the time. Now, Coach O is back in the forefront again. It’s a dangerous position to be in. This is not some outlier situation here. This is a person that sounds to have some credibility.

“It’s not like she’s calling Ed Orgeron a liar about whether they argued about a parking spot and he said he was there first and she said ‘no I was there first.’ This is serious stuff. When you start looking around at how the university has been perceived and what has happened elsewhere as a result, yes, it puts Orgeron clearly on the frontburner as opposed to the backburner.”

This isn’t a good look for Coach O or LSU. We’ll see if anything comes of these allegations moving forward.