Barry Odom’s Missouri program has a strict, zero-tolerance policy when it comes to domestic violence. Taking that into consideration, Odom faced some tough questions following Missouri’s first day of training camp considering defensive end Tre Williams was among the defensive players on the practice field this weekend.

If you have not followed the situation, Williams was suspended from the team back in December following allegations of domestic violence against his girlfriend. The Mizzou defender had been accused of hitting and choking his girlfriend during the incident.

After pleading guilty to a peace disturbance charge last week, Williams was reinstated by Odom. Williams was not ultimately charged with anything else in a court of law.

After coming off the practice field, Odom was asked if Missouri still practices a zero-tolerance policy toward situations of domestic violence.

“That’s still our stance,” Odom said. “If you look at what the things Tre did for the last eight months and he’s got a misdemeanour peace disturbance — is what the charge was through the court of law — I’ve learned you get all the information, you get all the facts, and then you make an informed decision. Through the process of the last eight months or however long it’s been, [he] went through with the proceedings in court, and I feel very strongly about how we handled this case and how we’ve handled every one that we’ve had since I’ve been the head coach.”

The Missouri coach was then asked a follow-up regarding the level of internal investigation the program did on the case.

“I got all the information I could get,” Odom answered. “From the legal proceedings to all the things we learned immediately after – again, I feel really strongly about the way that went for the last months to the court of law and a peace disturbance was ended up decided upon and the facts that I have, I feel good about where we are at.”

In two seasons at Missouri, Williams has racked up 40 tackles and 5.5 sacks for the Tigers. The junior defender is projected to challenge for a starting spot on Odom’s defense this fall if he can prove he is in football shape after so many months away from the program.