Ole Miss coach Lane Kiffin caused quite a stir on Monday with his comments about the controversial ending to the Rebels game against Auburn. But his comments didn’t end when the SEC announced a $25,000 fine against him.

Fans across the country have rallied behind Kiffin on social media, and there is at least one GoFundMe account started by Blake Milam that has at least $1,025 with a goal of $25,000.

Here is a description of the fundraiser: “The SEC officials have now missed two critical, game-changing calls in 3 weeks. Following both games the SEC has admitted error in the calls, but after Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin remarked on the now admitted officiating error, he was fined $25,000.

Kiffin did not malign nor demonize the officials. He just said what the SEC head office later admitted and received a hefty fine for it.

I’d like to see his fine covered and if more funds are raised, pay it forward to any other coach who finds themselves in the same position.”

Several fans also supported Kiffin’s idea to pay the fine in pennies, and they also added that fans across the SEC, not just Ole Miss faithful, would fine it reasonable to chip in.

Here’s a sampling of other support for Kiffin and criticism for the SEC: