Dan Mullen and Scott Stricklin were hoping to put their ties to the Rebel Rags lawsuit behind them but the Mississippi Supreme Court has denied them of that opportunity this week.

If you aren’t familiar or have forgotten the details of his case, Rebel Rags is a store that sells Ole Miss team apparel based out of Oxford, Miss. The store became infamous regionally when several Mississippi State players claimed the store gave them improper benefits, which was allegedly set up by a member of the Ole Miss coaching staff. As a result of that testimony, which gave the MSU players immunity in the case, Ole Miss was sanctioned by the NCAA and Rebel Rags’ store owner was banned from associating with the Ole Miss program.

The store owner has turned around and is claimed Stricklin and Mullen ordered Mississippi State players to lie to the NCAA to conspire against Ole Miss and his business. Mullen’s legal team has denied these claims.

Years after former Mississippi State AD Stricklin left Starkville for Gainesville and long after Mullen followed his boss to the University of Florida, this case is still in the Mississippi court system. The latest news came this week as Mullen’s petition for appeal was denied by Justice Leslie D. King while Stricklin’s petition for appeal was denied by Justice Robert P. Chamberlin. Both verdicts were handed down on April 17, 2019.

In addition to Stricklin and Mullen’s appeals being denied, Mike Sheridan of the NCAA also had his petition for appeal denied. However, the Mississippi Supreme Court is allowing certain NCAA records to be concealed moving forward, as Sheridan requested. Those files will be marked confidential.

Following this news, the attorneys associated with this case now move on to the discovery period.