The NFL Draft is a time when many football players get to see all of their hard work pay off as they accomplish lifelong dreams. Unfortunately, for every player drafted, there is another who never hears his name called.

Until now, former Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly falls in the latter category. The SEC’s leader in passing yards per game the past two seasons, Kelly has fallen down draft boards due to injuries and off-field instances.

Regardless, the nephew of former NFL legend Jim Kelly clearly hopes to be drafted. When ESPN cut to a live feed of Kelly watching the draft it was just heartbreaking.

That is a player who is completely deflated. Of course, it doesn’t help that it’s taken the better part of three days to complete seven rounds of the NFL Draft. Combine that fatigue with disappointment, and you get the picture above.

Kelly is talented enough to get calls from some NFL teams if he isn’t drafted, but for now, we feel for him.