Changes to the College Football Playoff have been a hot topic during the CFB offseason. In April, the CFP committee revealed that during its annual spring meetings various expansion ideas were discussed.

The possibility of expansion led to many opinions from pundits, coaches, commissioners and others. On Wednesday, it was Greg Sankey’s turn to weigh in during an appearance on “The Paul Finebaum Show.” Sankey expressed his openness to expansion but said the current four-team format is working well.

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“You saw a press release out of the CFP that dates back to the national championship game,” Sankey told Paul Finebaum. “You’ve seen a lot of commentary from a number of my colleagues about expansion. I’ve been really consistent about the four-team playoff has worked, is working and continued to work, has met the objectives. But I’m open to hearing other thoughts and concerns….talking through scenarios, what does it mean? We now have seven years of the College Football Playoff to look back, evaluate against the objectives established and then consider if there is something that might work and be different? None of that predicts change and I think that’s important to understand.

“The possibilities that were identified – I think 63 was the number – seems kind of an arbitrary number when you start at four teams then go to six, eight, 10 or 12, whatever was in the press release. There’s a lot of possibilities. I’m interested, though, in the impact on the regular season. None of these decisions are to be taken lightly or to be identified as easy, but it’s a meaningful review. It’s a look to the future. We have five seasons left under the current agreements.

“I’m not going to predict any outcome or give anything away. Let’s tease what may come later but understand there’s a bit of a mountain to climb here if there is any change. From our perspective, I walked by the CFP trophy that we’ve kept for the second straight year. The system has worked really well for what I consider the highest level of football and that’s SEC football.”

In the Playoff era, the SEC is the conference with the most wins (11) and most national championships (4). Alabama is tied with Clemson for most appearances (6).

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