Watching the drama unfold surrounding the scandal involving Ohio State head coach Urban Meyer and the domestic violence allegations made against former assistant Zach Smith has not been easy on the Buckeye fan community (or nation, as so many fanbases call themselves).

As a former Buckeyes quarterback, ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit is one of Ohio State’s most prominent alumni. It can be said that after Meyer and the school itself, Herbstreit’s response was the next most anticipated. A big part of Herbstreit’s appeal as an analyst has been his openness with “calling it as he sees it” and not being afraid to criticize or pick against his alma mater.

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That’s why it comes as a surprise Saturday to see him fire back at media criticism that isn’t particularly vicious or mean spirited. ESPN radio host and Athlon Sports podcast host Braden Gall commented in a Twitter thread discussing the Ohio State situation and the media’s coverage. Herbstreit was tagged in the Twitter thread, so Gall’s comment that included an observation that Herbstreit appeared “out of touch” got back to the GameDay analyst.

Herbstreit was not pleased.