Every Wednesday, we make our weekly picks for each SEC game. If you missed our Week 8 predictions, you can find them here. However, if analytic picks are more your style, here’s an alternative set we like to present each week courtesy of The Power Rank.

The Power Rank‘s creator Ed Feng recently released his college football picks for Week 8. If you are unfamiliar with his work, Feng’s system has correctly picked the correct college football winner 72.7% of the time dating back to the 2016 season. It’s also noteworthy that his record does not count cupcake FBS vs FCS games, only FBS vs FBS games.

Last weekThe Power Rank accurately predicted six of the seven SEC games. Perhaps even more impressive, it accurately predicted the margin of victory for Texas A&M over Florida and called for South Carolina-Tennessee to be a complete toss-up 50/50 game. Considering the game literally came down to the final play, in which Tennessee receiver Brandon Johnson had both hands on the ball but failed to reel in the game-winning score, that’s remarkable in hindsight.

Here’s how The Power Rank predicts the weekend to play out in the SEC for Week 8:

  • LSU will beat Ole Miss by 5.6 points on the road. The Rebels have a 34% chance of winning in Oxford.
  • Mississippi State will beat Kentucky by 11.3 points at home. The Wildcats have a 21% chance of winning in Starkville.
  • Alabama will beat Tennessee by 24.4 points at home. The Volunteers have a 5% chance of winning in Tuscaloosa.
  • Auburn will beat Arkansas by 13.1 points on the road. The Razorbacks have a 17% chance of winning in Fayetteville.
  • Missouri will beat Idaho by 10.7 points at home. The Tigers have a 78% chance of winning in Columbia.