Former Auburn head coach Gene Chizik is back with the SEC Network this season, and he is already breaking down the critical factors that could determine failure and success within the conference for the upcoming season.

During a recent SEC Network segment, Chizik gave his list of the five most important coordinators in the SEC heading into fall camp.

One thing that really stands out: Chizik listed just one defensive coordinator on his list. Chizik also listed just one coordinator from the SEC East with three of his selections consisting of newcomers at their respective schools.

5. John Chavis, Defensive Coordinator, Texas A&M

“John Chavis, to me, is one of the premier coordinators in the league,” said Chizik. “But, since he’s been at Texas A&M, there’s been a lot of mediocrity. I think this is the year it’s gotta happen.”

4. Brian Daboll, Offensive Coordinator, Alabama

“There’s going to be a lot of discussion about what he brings to the table,” explained Chizik. “What we do know is that Nick Saban’s gonna have a lot better comfort level with him (Daboll), you know, than he did with Lane Kiffin.”

3. Jim Chaney, Offensive Coordinator, Georgia

“He’s got two RB’s that are going to be the best in the business with Nick Chubb and Sony Michel,” said Chizik. “(Chaney’s) deficiencies are going to be on the offensive line and at WR.”

2. Matt Canada, Offensive Coordinator, LSU

“He adapts and adjusts to his personnel,” Chizik explained. “This is LSU, (Canada) has plenty of weapons, a lot of young ones with Derrius Guice… if he can develop a QB with a down-the-field throwing game, he’s going to do a lot of damage to defenses in the league.”

1. Chip Lindsey, Offensive Coordinator, Auburn

“Gus (Malzahn) has an extreme comfort level with Chip and what he’s done,” said Chizik.  “Just remember, though, you’ve got a new QB and a new coordinator. What he does bring to the table is a more experienced passing game.”

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