The SEC cornered the market on the country’s top defensive tackles for 2015. The top four defensive tackles all signed with SEC schools and all signed with different teams.

Here are the SEC’s top five defensive tackle signees:

Editor’s note: Saturday Down South’s references to ratings follow the composite rankings.

1. Trent Thompson, Georgia (Albany, GA)
The Skinny: Trent Thompson is the cornerstone for Georgia’s talented defensive line class. Thompson never wavered from his commitment to the Bulldogs, and he’ll make his presence known in 2015. Now, Thompson may not start, but he’ll have an impact on Jeremy Pruitt’s defense. For being 313 pounds, Thompson’s explosive first step jumps out at you. Thompson finished as the country’s No. 1 overall prospect in 2015.

2. Kahlil McKenzie, Tennessee (Concord, CA)
The Skinny: Kahlil McKenzie may be the country’s top overall player. At 354 pounds, McKenzie plays with reckless abandon, and Tennessee went all the way to California to sign him. McKenzie’s a boss in the trenches, and he’ll make an immediate impact. He’ll remind Tennessee fans of John Henderson, who was a two-time All-American and future Pro Bowler. He’s that good, and he plays angry.

3. Terry Beckner, Missouri (East St. Louis, IL)
The Skinny: Missouri isn’t always known for signing elite prospects, but Terry Beckner, Jr. is that guy. Beckner is very quick and plays much like a defensive end, although he’s nearly 300 pounds. Beckner has an elite frame and elite athleticism for a man of his size. Combine him with Missouri’s proven developmental system, and he’s a future NFL player. The Tigers were already loaded at tackle, and the addition of Beckner makes the Tigers have the deepest tackle rotation of anyone in the SEC.

4. Daylon Mack, Texas A&M (Gladewater, TX)
The Skinny: Daylon Mack was committed early on to Texas A&M, but he decommitted rather early in the process. Thanks to John Chavis going to Texas A&M, Mack finally settled on the Aggies. Mack is probably the state of Texas’ top player for the 2015 class, and he also played fullback in high school…at 330 pounds. Chavis will build his defense around the likes of Mack and Myles Garrett, and the defensive line received a major upgrade with Mack.

5. Daron Payne, Alabama (Birmingham, AL)
The Skinny: The long-time Auburn fan turned Alabama commit, Daron Payne, just happens to be one of the country’s top defensive tackles. Payne is the future Mt. Cody, and he’ll play the nose technique for the Crimson Tide. Although Alabama is notorious for signing defensive tackles and turning them into defensive ends, Payne is already 325 pounds and ready to make an impact during his first season.

SEC’s top five signees by position breakdown: