Georgia’s championship drought wasn’t the only notable streak that ended in 2021.

While not nearly as consequential, Alabama’s 100-game winning streak against unranked opponents ended with an upset loss at Texas A&M.

The Tide’s streak was, by far, the longest active streak in the country, more than double the next-closest team. In losing, the Tide became 1 of 59 Power 5 programs that fell to an unranked team in 2021.

That means just 6 Power 5 teams have an active streak that will carry into 2022.

Who are they? Whose streak is the longest? Let’s take a look, in reverse order.

Ole Miss — 8 games

The Rebels’ streak started in 2021, but thanks to playing in the loaded SEC West, they didn’t get as many opportunities to face an unranked team. Their last loss to an unranked team came in the wild 53-48 shootout at LSU in the 2020 regular-season finale.

Michigan — 10 games

This isn’t the streak Michigan fans care the most about. That would be finally ending the 8-game losing streak to Ohio State.

But the Wolverines also took care of all 10 unranked teams they faced in 2021. Their most recent loss to an unranked team came in the final game of the abbreviated 2020 season, a 27-17 clunker against Penn State.

Oklahoma — 13 games

The Sooners went 9-0 against unranked teams in 2021, adding to the 4-game streak to close the 2020 season.

Georgia — 16 games

As streaks go, this one is a cute afterthought, a parenthetical footnote to a championship season. The Bulldogs went 8-0 against unranked teams in 2021, 4-0 in 2020 and won their final 4 in 2019. Their last loss to an unranked team was the massively surprising upset against visiting South Carolina, which ended a 21-game winning streak against unranked teams.

Ohio State — 20 games

The Buckeyes’ streak started in 2018, after their surprising loss to unranked Purdue. They won their final 2 games against unranked teams that season, went 8-0 in 2019, 3-0 in 2020 and 7-0 in 2021, 3-0 in 2020.

They are 1 of 2 teams that will carry a 20-game streak (or better) into the 2022 season.

Notre Dame — 42 games

Joke all you want about Notre Dame’s struggles on the biggest stage, but the Irish know how to handle relative lightweights.

Their unbeaten streak against unranked teams started from scratch in 2017 after a disastrous 4-8 campaign in 2016.

They went 7-0 in 2017, 8-0 in 2018, 9-0 in 2019, 8-0 in 2020 and 10-0 in 2021 — although 3 of those wins were by 3 points.

They’ll enter 2022 with a 42-game winning streak vs. unranked teams — more than twice as much as the next-best streak … but still not even halfway to Alabama’s magic number of 100.