Marcus Satterfield addressed comments made this week from veteran wide receiver Josh Vann about Satterfield calling a play on a third down at Arkansas that the Gamecocks hadn’t practiced in weeks.

Vann said: “It was one time, not to bash a coach or anything, it was third down and we called a play we haven’t went over in 3 weeks. Mind you, as a player you’re supposed to know the whole playbook so whenever something gets thrown onto you, you can know what it is so you can execute and line up fast, but at the same time, we haven’t went over it. You can’t expect at the heat of the moment for somebody to recognize on the fly to know what to do, so it was just some little mistakes, but Arkansas is behind us.”

During his regular Wednesday press conference, Satterfield shared his interaction with Vann. Satterfield said Vann came to the facility Tuesday night and apologized to Satterfield about the comments. Satterfield initially thought Vann was referring to running a route.

“That happens,” Satterfield said. “We have a series of plays in a certain formation that’s kind of a base play for us. They gave us the exact look that we wanted or that we needed in order for that play to be successful, and I called it. We hadn’t repped it in about 3 weeks so I shouldn’t have done it, but I can’t promise you I won’t do it again. I try not to, but we have base plays that have to be able to carry over from week to week.”