When Robert Williams fell all the way down to No. 27 in the 2018 NBA Draft, many were surprised the former Texas A&M standout was remaining on the board for the Celtics to select. We may be getting some indication as to why the former Aggie fell so far during the latest NBA selection process.

Immediately following the draft, the team could not locate Williams for a teleconference the following day. The incident was chalked up to a “simple miscommunication” but it was noteworthy for its rarity. Now Williams had missed the start of Boston’s summer league practice due to missing a flight.

Either of these incidents by themselves may not be much of an issue but taking into consideration they both have occurred isn’t the best look for Williams. Expect Boston’s rookie to be under an even bigger microscope moving forward following these events.

Should Williams continue to slip up, it will be interesting to see how much leeway the organization has for a rookie that nearly fell to the second round of the draft.