Jimbo Fisher recently signed a 4-year extension as Texas A&M’s head coach worth more than $9 million annually, adding on to his original 10-year contract.

And Thursday on “The Paul Finebaum Show,” Fisher joked about receiving a cut of the salaries of fellow SEC coaches who recently earned a pay raise via 10-year contracts.

“(Texas A&M) wants to be the best,” Fisher said via On3 Sports. “We’re trying to get the culture and it takes time to do things right, and they’re committed to doing that. That’s why we signed another 10-year contract, and Kirby just got one today. I told these guys, I get two percent. I was the first one to do it, so I should get two percent… All those 10-year contract guys should pay me two percent.”

The Bulldogs and head coach Kirby Smart reached an agreement Thursday on a long-term, $100 million plus deal.