Jimbo Fisher is sticking by his guns on Texas A&M’s final play call in the 24-20 loss to Alabama.

The Aggies had an opportunity to win with just seconds remaining and on the 2 yard-line to upset Alabama; however, the pass fell incomplete and the Tide escaped with the win.

The formation was the same as the one the Aggies scored a touchdown on earlier in the game. This time, however, Haynes King threw it to Evan Stewart on the backside.

Below is the final play.

Fisher’s play call was hammered by fans. Johnny Manziel even took aim at Fisher, too.

Following the game, Fisher commented on the play during his press conference opening state.

“We kept battling back and got down there and had a chance. The kids played a good 2-minute drive and got down the field for one last play. We had it. It was a good read. We just didn’t get it executed in what we needed to do. The decision was right in where we were going and what we did.”

Fisher was then asked about the play during his press conference.

“We were in one-on-one right in the corner. We had three options on the front side and he read it. It was the same play we had scored on earlier. They changed the coverage and he went back and made the perfect read to where we were going to. They played it off the first time and we knew when we did it we had a one-on-one backside and if they did it the other way we had our two looks on the front side, which we wanted.”