Both Nick Starkel and Kellen Mond have expressed their excitement this spring in learning the finer points of the quarterback position from arguably the nation’s best QB teacher in Jimbo Fisher. When Fisher decided to make the jump from FSU to Texas A&M, it could be argued those two players stood to gain the most from the move, as nearly every QB Fisher plays goes on to play in the NFL.

But before either player can achieve glory this fall, they will have to win the starting duties by learning Fisher’s system and what he demands from the position. Fisher met with the media Monday evening to discuss his thoughts on how the team performed during its recent scrimmage.

When asked about his quarterbacks, Fisher offered up some mixed results at this point in time.

“Both of them at times had their moments. Both of them led drives and scored. Both of them made a couple plays that I didn’t like, you know what I mean? From the situation and where it was, we have to be smarter with the ball at times and how we are,” Fisher said. “It’s even how you make a throw when you miss your safe zone — the situation. Where the safe area of a play is, things like that as they continue to learn the offense, I think they’ll understand more and more what I want when I call plays.

“When I call the same play on the field, compared to a third down, compared to a red zone, how that play changes. You know what I’m saying? In what we are looking for. I think as they get to that, it will let them play faster. They both had very solid days. I was very pleased with both guys today — but they weren’t close to perfect. We have a lot of work to do.”

Considering the talent and drive of both quarterbacks, not to mention the unique traits each of them bring to the position, don’t expect a resolution from Fisher anytime soon. This appears to be a battle that will linger all the way down to the final stretch run heading into the season opener against Northwestern State on Aug. 30.