Report: Father of alleged victim calls out Kevin Sumlin following Kirk Merritt incident

Nov 24, 2016; College Station, TX, USA; Texas A&M Aggies head coach Kevin Sumlin on the sideline during the game against the LSU Tigers at Kyle Field. Mandatory Credit: Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Texas A&M head coach Kevin Sumlin is in a tough place. Following three consecutive 8-5 seasons in College Station, many are beginning to question if the Aggies can take the next step under its current coach. According to one report, one parent believes the pressure on Sumlin’s shoulders may even be clouding his judgment.

If you are unfamiliar with the Kirk Merritt incident, the Aggie receiver exposed himself to two Texas A&M tutors within a span of 24 hours back in October. Merritt admits to exposing himself but is claiming he had jock itch in each situation.

News of these incidents did not reach the public domain until last week leading up to the A&M spring game. Immediately after the game, Sumlin did not meet with the media for his post spring game press conference — the first time he has done so in his six spring games — leading some to believe he is avoiding being asked questions regarding this incident.

In a recent article by Brent Zwerneman of the Houston Chronicle, the father of one of the alleged victims is curious to know how Sumlin would react to the ordeal if it were his own daughter involved in the case.

“You see something like this happen in the news and you’re sad, you shake your head and say, ‘This is crazy.’ But when it happens to your own daughter …. I would love for Kevin Sumlin to answer this: What if this was your two daughters? What would you do?

“Would you expect the player to just go play football again? I think I know the answer. But Kevin Sumlin isn’t in my shoes. He’s in the shoes of trying to win a championship. That’s the least of my concerns.”

Texas A&M has investigated the matter, and after temporarily suspending Merritt, decided to reinstate him for all football activities. Merritt did not play for the Aggies last season after transferring from Oregon. He was a four-star recruit in the 2015 recruiting cycle.

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  • He shouldn’t do what he would do if his daughter was the victim. When the victim is family, you cannot look at the situation objectively.

  • I wonder what the investigation turned up.

  • 99% of all coaches are like this. They make millions and that millions depends on them winning. These young thug athletes are treated like kings getting off of almost everything expect murder, only getting deffered sentence to be later dropped. Truth is half of these kids on teams are thugs. People dont want to say it but its the truth. This world is too politicaly correct and its slowly killing the values of America. Kids dont have any respect or values anymore. Its all what do I get out of it. Liberals have done America a disservice. These coaches just think of winning at all costs. Welcome to the new America.

    • You don’t know how this situation will work out. From everything I have read, all appropriate authorities with the school and title 9 departments were notified and the school investigation did not have the level of evidence necessary to expelled Merritt or pull his scholarship. There has been no attempt to cover-up or coerce the alleged victims as in the Baylor fiasco(s). As bad as it looks, Merritt is allowed due process. He has not played one single snap for A&M in a real football game. Sumlin had some problems early with some bad apples at A&M, but this is one of the very few incidents recently. To paint all these young men as “thug athletes” is the very definition of prejudiced. Frankly, I would be happy to see Merritt kicked off the team, but I’m not sure if he could turn around and file against the school if he is found “not guilty”. I say keep him out of games and let the system run its course. Don’t make assumptions about Sumlin without any proof he has knowingly let a “thug athlete” compete to further his career.

      • You lost me a “due process.” Sumlin and Texas A&M do not owe “due process” to anyone. That’s a legal term that has to do with the courts, and Sumlin is not part of the judicial system. Sumlin could have kicked, and should have done so immediately, Merritt off the team as soon as he did his initial investigation. The “jock itch” story is not plausible, not even close to being plausible. And any body with a brain knows it, so keeping this guy around raises all sorts of questions about just how desperate A&M is to field a team.

        And even if it was remotely plausible, Sumlin and I know that if you are so stupid and insensitive to scratch yourself in front of two women is a way that exposes your package to them, you are too stupid to be on the team.

        In today’s world (can you say Baylor has heightened the entire nation’s attention to football players and inappropriate sexual acts in Texas?) you do not need to pull a sex organ into full view of two women and be given “due process,” you and your butt need to be gone.

        Sumlin and Texas A&M screwed this one up, I don’t care if Title IX departments were notified. You do not keep men in your organization who are dumb f@#k stupid enough to do this kind of thing.

        • Amen to OldArmy. Merritt is a disgusting piece of garbage who should not be on campus. Suggest he enroll at Baylor or Oklahoma. Disappointed Sumlin lacks the morality to make it happen.