2017 is a very interesting year for Texas A&M.

The SEC media predicted the Aggies will finish fifth in the SEC West ahead of Mississippi State and Ole Miss, and it’s somewhat of a consensus that Kevin Sumlin sits on the SEC’s hottest seat entering the season.

So, the total number of wins Sumlin needs to keep his job is being debated. Is it seven? Eight? Would finishing fifth in the SEC West be good enough?

SEC Network analysts Booger McFarland and Matt Stinchcomb predicted the Aggies’ win-loss record for 2017. Playing in the SEC West is brutal enough, but starting the season off at UCLA makes their schedule even more difficult.

McFarland predicts the Aggies will lose on the road against UCLA. Also, he thinks the Florida game is the most “pivotal” on the schedule and one that could help answer the question of whether they will have a strong or weak finish to the season.

“Are they going to turn it around and start to build and win down the stretch, or are they going to continue the same old thing that we’ve seen all year long?”

McFarland predicted the Aggies will lose to Florida and Sumlin will have to answer a “bunch of questions.” Will McFarland’s 7-5 prediction be enough for Sumlin to retain his job? Man, things sure could get interesting.

Stinchcomb said he agreed with “almost all of” McFarland’s predictions, but he flipped the South Carolina game and has the Aggies finishing 6-6.

“Now, we talk about how they have these bottle rocket starts where they shoot right out of the gate, and they just kind of fizzle and fall,” Stinchcomb said. “I think it starts a little bit earlier this year.”

You can watch the full segment here.