Late last week, the Southeastern Conference revealed the two additional cross-divisional games that were added to each team’s schedule following the league’s decision to shift to a conference-only, 10-game slate.

While we know the full list of games each team is now set to face in the fall, we still don’t know what the finalized schedules look like for any SEC team. The SEC has also pushed back the start of the season to Saturday, Sept. 26.

How long do we have to wait for that information? According to Texas A&M AD Ross Bjork, who was recently featured on Texas A&M’s official podcast show, called “Studio 12,” the schedule is likely to be revealed next week.

“Getting there. You know, I think we need a little more clarity around sort of the landscape of college athletics. And we hope to have that in the coming days, that just says that we’re going to continue to move forward,” Bjork said of the SEC’s pending schedule release. “Hopefully we can put those dates out there.

“We have to assume that everything just starts over. They’ll try to protect some of the traditional rivalries at the end of the season for those games, but it just may not be possible, depending on how everything shakes out. I don’t think by the end of this week, but maybe sometime next week we could have a full calendar of the dates.”

Based on those comments from Bjork, it sounds like the schedules could look completely different than the ones we have all been studying all offseason.

That’s something Bjork previously indicated when discussing the pending addition of the two extra conference games the SEC was planning to reveal, and it still looks to be the case about a week after these comments he made to the media.

“We really have no idea, literally, we have not seen the models of what that looks like,” Bjork said last week, leading up Friday’s schedule release. “We only know that we’ll play the eight games that were already scheduled. In what order, and then how the other two are? We have no idea.”

Following those comments, the SEC added a home game against Florida and a trip to Tennessee to Texas A&M’s schedule. Now we wait to find out how the SEC places those games on the Aggies’ schedule.