First, it was “champions of life,” then it was “5-star hearts.” In fact, it seems as though every press conference from Tennessee coach Butch Jones turns in at least one baffling quote.

Monday’s presser was no different, as Jones twice said things that he should know by now will be laughed at by fans and media members alike.

Perhaps the most baffling thing the embattled coach said was about getting “leadership reps” even when you aren’t getting physical reps:

He also praised the work the Vols did over the bye week, but went as far as to call it one of the greatest byes ever:

Considering DE Darrell Taylor was suspended indefinitely for kicking OL Trey Smith in practice and causing him to need stitches, it doesn’t seem like it was all that great of a bye week.

The good news is that Taylor will have plenty of time to get leadership reps now that he won’t be getting physical reps for a while.