Tennessee fans, guess what time it is.

That’s right … It’s Grumor time!

The cheerful applause is appreciated.

We’ve been reporting on these Bet Online odds since they first came out with Gruden at +2000 — or 20/1 — to become Tennessee’s next head football coach.

Just last week, they moved to +1200 (or 12/1 depending on how you want to look at it). Then they went to 10/1.

Now … Oh boy … Now, the odds are at 8/1! You can only win $800 if you put down a Ben Franklin. That is incredible.

Vegas is catching on to something. Maybe it’s just all the hype from Tennessee fans. Maybe it’s the fact that Gruden was in Knoxville for the South Carolina game.

Who knows if there is any substance behind all this, but it’s actually looking more and more like it could actually happen, which is the crazy part. What once seemed to be a pipe dream is now, well, maybe attainable.

Earlier on Monday, former Tennessee running back Charlie Garner (who also played for Jon Gruden at Oakland and Tampa Bay) weighed in on Gruden to Tennessee.

Check out all of the odds from Bet Online to become Tennessee’s next head coach, courtesy of SDS news desk editor Michael Bratton’s tweet below:

Oh, by the way, Butch Jones is still the head coach in Knoxville.