You know that AT&T commercial with the kid who says, “We want more, we want more.”

That’s basically how Tennessee fans feel right now with all the Grumors.

It’s a word that’s being tossed around so much lately that it’s likely to be added to Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary’s list of new words.

Not all Tennessee fans have jumped aboard the “Jon Gruden to Tennessee” hype train, but a good portion of them have. Butch Jones is currently still the head coach at UT, but his seat is getting hotter by the day.

Could there be merit behind the Grumors this time around? Maybe, maybe not, depending on how you interpret a recent “report” from the message boards.

Perhaps more convincing than the message boards, though — Vegas may be thinking there’s some fire somewhere under all that smoke.

Gruden’s odds to become the next head coach at Tennessee have shot all the way up to 12/1 after starting out at 20/1 a couple weeks ago.

Remember, too, that somebody told Paul Finebaum Gruden was UT’s No. 1 option.

And Gruden was in Knoxville last weekend.

Ah, Grumors.

We want more! We want more!