Sunday’s “The Match” charity golf event has featured plenty of lighthearted trash talk, including the topic of SEC rivalries. The topic came up again when Tom Brady decided to take a look at Peyton Manning’s Smokey driver cover.

“This isn’t on your driver, is it?” Brady asked jokingly on the broadcast. “Let me step on that real quick.”

The new Tampa Bay Buc opted to not step on Smokey but did rib the Volunteers.

“They haven’t been good since you left. Can you help them recruit some quarterbacks or something?” Brady mused.

Brady presumably thought he had landed a clever zinger, but Vol Twitter was quick to point out that he goofed up. Manning’s UT career ended in 1997 and his successor, current Tennessee assistant Tee Martin, led the Volunteers to the 1998 national title. Also, if you’re going to compare recent college success, Brady’s Michigan Wolverines don’t have much to brag about over the last 10-plus years.

As for recruiting, Brady seems to be unaware that the SEC’s No. 1 recruiting class for 2021 includes 4-star dual-threat quarterback Kaidon Salter.

Tennessee’s official Twitter account let the post-Manning-era jab slide but did stick up for Smokey.