Sports fans of all stripes are watching Sunday’s charity match between Peyton Manning & Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson and Tom Brady. With “The Match” airing on TNT, Charles Barkley is part of the coverage.

Considering their Tennessee and Auburn ties, SEC sports were bound to come up. Manning’s wit is arguably the star of the show so far. He had some playful zingers for Barkley, who tried to call for SEC unity as the Vols and Tigers have a common rival in Alabama.

“It’s us against Alabama in everything we do now,” Barkley reminded Manning.

After acknowledging former Crimson Tide golfer Justin Thomas, Manning decided to share his distaste for another common UT-AU rival: Georgia.

“Charles, can you believe… Tom and Phil kind of have matching outfits. They wanted to know if I wanted to wear black and red like Tiger,” Manning shared. “I’m not wearing black and red – that’s Georgia Bulldog colors. I just can’t do that. You want me to get sick on the first hole, I’ll do it. I’m not going to let Kirby Smart get a picture of me in black and red for their social media.”