Leading up to season openers this week, our in-house uniform expert Brad Crawford will look at every SEC team’s apparel plans this season. Some programs are incorporating new alternates while others have made subtle alterations to helmets. We have our favorite looks and we’re sure you do as well.

Here’s a team-by-team glance at what you’ll see this fall:


  • 2014 HOME: Navy helmet + navy jersey + white pants OR Navy helmet + red jersey + grey pants
  • 2014 ROAD: Navy helmet + white jersey + white pants OR Navy helmet + white jersey + grey pants OR Navy helmet + white jersey + navy pants
  • 2014 ALTERNATE: Navy helmet + grey jersey + navy pants (AWAY) or Navy helmet (w/ numeral decal) + navy jersey + grey pants (HOME) — The Rebels will wear a No. 38 decal on their helmets against Memphis on Sept. 27 this season to honor Chucky Mullins, a former player who was paralyzed after a hit to the neck.

  • WHAT WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE (ALTERNATE HOME): Red helmet + red jersey + white pants — Nike’s incorporation of red as the Rebels’ primary alternate color is a nice addition that contrasts well with rich navy. Here’s how a yet-to-be released red helmet + red jersey would look thanks to SEC uniform maven SEC Frenzy on Instagram: