Leading up to gameday this week, our in-house uniform expert Brad Crawford will look at every SEC team’s apparel plans this season. Some programs are incorporating new alternates while others have made subtle alterations to helmets. We have our favorite looks and we’re sure you do as well.

Here’s a team-by-team glance at what you’ll see this fall:


  • 2014 HOME: Orange helmet + blue jersey + white pants OR Orange helmet + blue jersey + blue pants
  • 2014 ROAD: Orange helmet + white jersey + white pants OR Orange helmet + white jersey + orange pants
  • 2014 ALTERNATE: Orange helmet + blue jersey + orange pants (HOME) OR Orange helmet + orange jersey + white pants
  • WHAT WE WOULD LIKE TO SEE (ALTERNATE HOME): White helmet + blue jersey + white pants — Florida’s game cleats are getting Nike’s iridescent treatment this season, but there’s been no reveal for updated uniforms. We’ve included the Gators’ recent tweet showing a glimpse of this year’s footwear and also a white helmet concept by SEC uniform maven SEC Frenzy on Instagram. During the Tim Tebow era, Florida donned several Nike Pro Combat styles including a two-toned blue and orange jersey, gator-skinned shoulders and a throwback look complete with a white lid. We’ve included a photo of the 2010 gator-skinned combination.



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