Can you believe how quickly the offseason is fading? College football is coming, friends.

The Golden Nugget, a Las Vegas sportsbook, released the lines for its candidates for games of the year. There’s a max bet of $1,000 the casino will take.

It’s basically the best games of every single Saturday.

Here’s the full slate with lines:

Thursday, Sept. 3
Michigan at Utah -4
TCU -18 at Minnesota

Friday, Sept. 4
Washington at Boise State -13

Saturday, Sept. 5
Wisconsin vs. Alabama -10 (Arlington, Texas)
Louisville vs. Auburn -11.5 (Atlanta, Ga.)
Arizona State vs. Texas A&M -3 (Houston)
Texas at Notre Dame -7.5
Virginia at UCLA -17
BYU at Nebraska -6

Monday, Sept. 7
Ohio State -16 at Virginia Tech

Saturday, Sept. 12
LSU -3 at Mississippi State
UCLA -32 at UNLV
Oklahoma at Tennessee -3
Notre Dame -9 at Virginia
Oregon State at Michigan -14
Iowa -4.5 at Iowa State
Marshall -3.5 at Ohio University
Boise State -6 at BYU
Oregon at Michigan State -1

Thursday, Sept. 17
Clemson -3 at Louisville

Saturday, Sept. 19
Auburn at LSU -4
UNLV at Michigan -33
Ole Miss at Alabama -9.5
South Carolina at Georgia -11
Georgia Tech at Notre Dame -2
Nebraska at Miami, Fla. PK
Stanford at USC -4
BYU at UCLA -14
Colorado -1.5 vs. Colorado State (Denver)

Thursday, Sept. 24
Cincinnati at Memphis -2

Friday, Sept. 25
Boise State -9 at Virginia

Saturday, Sept. 26
LSU -20 at Syracuse
UCLA at Arizona PK
USC -1 at Arizona
Utah at Oregon -14
Oklahoma State at Texas -2.5
BYU at Michigan -7
Texas A&M vs. Arkansas -6.5 (Arlington, Texas)
Mississippi State at Auburn -8
Tennessee -2.5 at Florida

Thursday, Oct. 1
Miami, Fla. at Cincinnati -2.5

Saturday, Oct. 3
UNLV at Nevada -14
Ole Miss -6 at Florida
Alabama at Georgia PK
South Carolina at Missouri -11
Arkansas at Tennessee -1
Mississippi State at Texas A&M -6.5
Pittsburgh at Virginia Tech -9
Arizona at Stanford -7.5
Arizona State at UCLA -6
Oregon -16 at Colorado
Army at Penn State -28
West Virginia at Oklahoma -10
Kansas State at Oklahoma State -4
Texas at TCU -21
Notre Dame at Clemson -3.5

Thursday, Oct. 8
Washington at Southern Cal -19

Saturday, Oct. 10
LSU -8 at South Carolina
Georgia Tech at Clemson -3
Arkansas at Alabama -7.5
Florida at Missouri -10
Georgia at Tennessee PK
Miami (FL) at Florida State -14.5
Virginia at Pittsburgh -6
Boise State -12 at Colorado State
TCU -11 at Kansas State
Oklahoma -6.5 vs. Texas (Dallas, Texas)
Oklahoma State at West Virginia -5
Wisconsin -1 at Nebraska
Navy at Notre Dame -14

Thursday, Oct. 15
UCLA at Stanford -4.5
Auburn -9 at Kentucky

Friday, Oct. 16
UNLV at Fresno State -12
Boise State -9.5 at Utah State

Saturday, Oct. 17
Florida at LSU -14
Arizona State at Utah -2
USC at Notre Dame PK
Oregon -15 at Washington
Louisville at Florida State -12
Pittsburgh at Georgia Tech -14
Virginia Tech at Miami, Fla. -6
Missouri at Georgia -8.5
Alabama -7 at Texas A&M
West Virginia at Baylor -17
TCU -29 at Iowa State
Oklahoma -3 at Kansas State
Michigan State -4.5 at Michigan
Penn State at Ohio State -19

Saturday, Oct. 24
Utah at USC -7
Kansas State at Texas -2
Tennessee at Alabama -10
Auburn at Arkansas -6.5
Texas A&M at Ole Miss -4
Clemson -4.5 at Miami, Fla.
Florida State at Georgia Tech PK

Thursday, Oct. 29
Oregon -5 at Arizona State
West Virginia at TCU -20

Saturday, Oct. 31
Boise State -28.5 at UNLV
Central Florida at Cincinnati -6
Georgia Tech -10 at Virginia
Ole Miss at Auburn -4
Florida vs. Georgia -12 (Jacksonville, Fla.)
South Carolina at Texas A&M -10
Oregon State at Utah -16

Tuesday, Nov. 3
Northern Illinois at Toledo -3

Thursday, Nov. 5
Mississippi State at Missouri, -6
Baylor -12 at Kansas State

Saturday, Nov. 7
LSU at Alabama -9
Arkansas at Ole Miss -1
Auburn -1.5 at Texas A&M
TCU -11 at Oklahoma State
Michigan State -6 at Nebraska
Florida State at Clemson -2
Virginia at Miami, Fla. -6.5
Notre Dame -3 at Pittsburgh
Arizona at USC -7.5

Thursday, Nov. 12
Virginia Tech at Georgia Tech -9.5

Friday, Nov. 13
USC -12 at Colorado

Saturday, Nov. 14
Arkansas at LSU -1.5
Utah at Arizona -3
Oregon at Stanford PK
Alabama -9 at Mississippi State
Florida at South Carolina -2.5
Oklahoma at Baylor -13
BYU at Missouri -12

Saturday, Nov. 21
San Diego State -16 at UNLV
LSU at Ole Miss PK
Fresno State at BYU -18
TCU -5 at Oklahoma
Baylor -10 at Oklahoma State
Michigan State at Ohio State -14
Michigan at Penn State -4.5
Mississippi State at Arkansas -10
Tennessee at Missouri -2.5
Georgia Tech -6 at Miami, Fla.
Arizona at Arizona State -3
UCLA -1 at Utah
California at Stanford -13

Friday, Nov. 27
Baylor at TCU -6
Oregon State at Oregon -22.5
Washington State at Washington -4.5
Iowa at Nebraska -7
Texas A&M at LSU -7.5
Kansas State -24 at Kansas
Oklahoma -3 at Oklahoma State
BYU at Utah State PK
Ohio State -16 at Michigan
Penn State at Michigan State -12
UCLA at USC -3
Colorado at Utah -13.5
Notre Dame at Stanford -3
North Carolina at NC State -6
Virginia Tech -4 at Virginia
Missouri at Arkansas -7
Alabama -3.5 at Auburn
Florida State -4 at Florida
Georgia -1 at Georgia Tech
Louisville -2.5 at Kentucky
Ole Miss -2 at Mississippi
Clemson -3 at South Carolina
Vanderbilt at Tennessee -17

Saturday, Dec. 5
Texas at Baylor -18
West Virginia at Kansas State -5

Saturday, Dec. 12
Navy -13 vs. Army, Philadelphia, Pa.