Meet The SEC Coaches’ Wives: SEC West Edition

Saturday Down South has already introduced you to the 2011 SEC Football coaches. Yesterday, you met the East wives. Now, let’s meet the West.

They are listed in alphabetical order by school, of course.

Terry Saban – Alabama

Terry Saban probably has a pretty good life considering the living her husband makes at Alabama and prior coaching opportunities. She must be a strong-willed person to put up with Nicky all the time! I know it’s probably hell whenever the Tide loses a game.

Becky Petrino – Arkansas

The Petrinos are a great looking family, but hopefully Bobby doesn’t yell at them like he has been rumored to yell at his assistants. Otherwise, the Petrinos are in it for the long haul in Fayetteville, especially if Bobby keeps throwing around the rock and having success doing so.

Jonna Chizik – Auburn

Fresh off that Natty in Glendale, Mrs. Chizik probably can find more than one place to spend her husband’s nice bonus check for winning the big one. All the Tiger fans are glad the Chiziks are in Auburn these days.

Kathy Miles – LSU

I wonder if Kathy Miles guns it down the interstate and has an aggressive mentality like ole Les? She has been rumored to only let Les graze in the backyard for 25 minutes at a time.

Megan Mullen – Mississippi State

The Mullens are settling in nicely in StarkVegas these days. Dan has a new contract, and winning has been brought back to State! She has to be proud of her husband’s track record and accomplishments.

Diana Nutt – Ole Miss

Diana Nutt has been around the SEC for a few years now, and she is one of the veterans of the West edition. I know she has to like Oxford better than Fayette-nam, considering all the scrutiny Houston Dale was under while at Arkansas.