College football players are back on campus, and many schools are testing players for COVID-19 upon their return.

You’ve all seen the headlines that at least 30 LSU players were placed into quarantine, and more than 20 Clemson players tested positive for the virus.

According to a report by Thomas Goldkamp of 247Sports, Florida currently has 5 to 6 players in quarantine as a precaution to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus. All total, 11 Florida student-athletes have tested positive for the virus.

“If there is a positive, there’s a tracing program that they have to go through through UF Health,” associate athletics director David Werner said. “We’re trying to keep our positives down, obviously. What we’ve done to help that, all of our staff are screened and tested for COVID-19, as well as our athletes. Our staff, our coaches, athletic strength trainers, anyone that will be in the presence of our athletes have gone through the same testing and the same education that our players have. Obviously the student-athletes have all gone through the COVID-19 testing before they were even allowed to enter our facilities.

“All staff are in masks. This is a key area for us that we’re trying to enforce. You guys have all heard throughout this time, do (masks) work, do they not work? Well, they work. At this point right now, we are keeping everyone in masks. If you were to see our workout you would see everyone in the building with masks on other than our student-athletes (while working out). That’s important. That’s really important. Just to throw in my two cents to all of you on the call, if you can wear a mask you’re protecting yourself and you’re protecting the people around you.”

Recently, SEC Commissioner Greg Sankey explained how the league was prepared for positive tests, along with outlining the SEC’s protocol for dealing with cases.

“It was prepared for. The goal was never to expect zero, that’s just not reality around us,” Sankey said.” The plan was, test when they arrive. We had positive tests when people came back. We have embedded medical professionals in our athletics program. That’s part of what I think gets missed is the level of care provided for young people on our campuses on a daily basis.”

Sankey went on to explain the plan remains the same for the SEC, the season should be played as scheduled, but he did note the league has worked out just short of 20 scenarios for the coming season.