Colin Cowherd has long made a habit of criticizing the SEC, especially the rest of the teams outside of Alabama. But on Saturday, he took it to a new level.

As Ohio State was putting the finishing touches on a 48-3 romp of Michigan State, the Fox Sports radio host tweeted that he would elevate the Buckeyes back at number one. Never mind that Ohio State has two losses. Later in the day, Cowherd reached back to a familiar shtick, as Georgia lost to Auburn, he took on the perspective of “SEC fan” to say that the Georgia loss would be validation for the depth in the conference.

Earlier this year, Cowherd said the SEC is no longer the best conference in college football. Just two weeks ago, he explained why Georgia wouldn’t make the College Football Playoff, and that the SEC Championship Game would serve as an eliminator.

“I don’t want to hear about Alabama-Georgia,” he said less than two weeks ago. “They play probably in the last game of the year on a neutral field. First of all, the SEC isn’t good enough this year to have two teams and it makes absolutely no sense to have Bama play Georgia on a neutral field and then have them play three weeks later on a neutral field.

“Penn State and Ohio State can play again because they haven’t played on a neutral field, and yeah, that matters.”