Kentucky Wildcats quarterback Will Levis is a popular player in the SEC for two reasons. The first is bringing the Wildcats to a current 2-0 record, including their 35-28 win at home over the Missouri Tigers this past Saturday. The second, and probably most important factor, is his strange ways to eat bananas.

Levis become a sensation when he shared a video of himself eating a banana while it was in the peel. He shows himself eating the banana sideways like a sandwich. This act has caught on in various ways including a live broadcast of ESPN sidelines reporter Alyssa Lang eating a banana with the peel attached herself during the Wildcats’ game against UL-Monroe.

There is even another unique way that Levis enjoys eating bananas, as he has stated that brown bananas taste like banana bread to him.

During a recent appearance on the Saturday Down South Podcast, Levis was asked if he is getting tired of the trend.

“I’m not sick of it,” Levis responded. “People have a lot of questions, as they should. It’s definitely not normal. “But it’s been a fun little trend and I’m just riding it as long as people kinda want to.”

SDS Podcast host Connor O’Gara suggested an idea for Levis is that day did come where he wanted to move on from the banana. That is, eat an onion like an apple.

“I’m definitely capable of doing something like that, but if anything, it would just be eat a banana regularly and tell people that the trend is over,” Levis responded.

It appears that the trend of unique banana-eating will not go away and it will only get better more popular as the Wildcats continue to win under his leadership.