Georgia Tech is not a fun team to play.

For one, head coach Paul Johnson employs an old school scheme: The triple option. It isn’t run by many programs anymore. For that reason, it can be extremely difficult to defend against.

Georgia Tech utilizes smaller, quicker offensive linemen. The size differential enables them to get off the ball faster, and thus get out in space. Due to the fact many of the OL aren’t great in one-on-one blocking situations, this run-centric offense is rooted in the controversial tactic of cut-blocking up front.

During Saturday’s TaxSlayer Bowl between GT and Kentucky, UK head coach Mark Stoops appeared very angry at Johnson. Kentucky DL Alvonte Bell was down injured on the field — presumably from a cut-block.

Whilst both coaches were out on the field, Stoops was vocal about the play — directing some comments towards Johnson.

Later in the game, Stoops went ballistic for this egregious hit. There was no penalty called on the play.